Beth Garnett Mixed Media

Beth Garnet Mixed Media Artist

Beth Garnett is a talented mixed media artist that creates fascinating bespoke items in the heart of cornwall. 

Beth’s talents have found her trying a multitude of different techniques, such as pyrography, ceramics, weaving and knitting. Such diversity has given Beth the opportunity to experiment and keep producing art works that are fresh and inspiring to all. 
Beth Garnett uses a small and fine wood burner to enable her to draw on to a small piece of wood. Cats is one of Beth's favourite things to draw. Falmouth, Cornwall. 16.01.15
Beth Garnett burns and draws on to a small piece of wood using a woodturning kit  Pyrography is one of her favourite methods of art, she also uses watercolour paints to decorated woods in order to add colour and depth to each piece  Falmouth, Cornwall. 16.01.15
  Beth prides herself with her multitude of talents -
 I've given up trying to stick to one thing. That's never quite worked for me anyway.” 
Despite the fact Beth is multi-talented, one of here main tractions is using Pyrography to draw cats (amongst other things) onto pin badges. She then uses water colours to careful add further detail to the pieces. Falmouth, Cornwall. 16.01.16
Beth has always had a creative flare and a few years ago she moved to cornwall in order to do an MA in illustration, having fell in love with the county her, her husband and their cat decided to stay in cornwall. 
As well as producing badges, Beth also works on much more detailed pieces of work. Here she has began to use pyrography to burn a fish on to a small Dish at her home in Falmouth, Cornwall. 16.01.16
Whilst studying illustration, Beth’s main focus became the nature of creativity and creative practice, being in particularly inspired by why some things go right, and why sometimes it does not. This gave Beth a real chance to study the idea of creativity and really helped her own work to progress. 
Beth Garnett sits at her desk which looks out to her garden. Here she works hard doing a variety of arts in her home that is based in Falmouth, Cornwall. 16.01.16
For more information about Beth and her wonderful creations that are available to buy, check out her website!

Beth Carefully finishes burning into one of her badges. She keeps the water colours at hand, ready to paint them delicately when they are done. Falmouth, Cornwall. 16.01.16
Photos:  ©Ellie Smart
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