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Märraum is a local architectural business based in Penryn. The small team consists of four very talented members that all have creative flair, dedication, a wealth of knowledge and “a thirst to craft standout projects.” Starting over 10 years ago the business has built up an amazing profile, particularly in the local community. 
“From the glimmer of an idea to the stroke of a pencil, the first turn of a door handle to the flickering of a smile across a face, at Märraum we bring more to your space – and take your story beyond its walls.” 
A model of the stage that is going to be set up in Kimberrly park, Falmouthj, in the next few years. Penryn, Cornwall. 16.12.15 ©Ellie Smart
 “OUR VISION: Seeing more than what’s put before us. Giving space the respect it deserves. Making the very best of what we’ve got to work with. Our vision is always centered around how we can give more to the people that matter – our clients – while being conscious of the world around us.” 
 The team have been involved with a huge number of projects, from Floating office barges to renovating schoolhouses, all the way to new family builds. Their abilities and skills are never ending.
AAHH, One of the Marrum's architects, works on electronically constructing plans for a new build in their office based in Penryn, Cornwall. 16.12.15 ©Ellie Smart
 They offer anything from putting your ideas on to paper, developing proposals for new builds, right up to seeing your project through to its final stage, completion.
The extent of their skills, knowledge and services, along with their contact information, can be found on their website: 
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Photos: ©Ellie Smart and Hugh Hastings
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