Naturally HeartFelt

Naturally Heartfelt

Naturally heartfelt is the beautifully delicate works of Stephanie Wheeler, a hard working and kind-hearted individual that creates crafts and jewellery from her home with her two dogs in Falmouth. Stephanie uses poetry, music sheets and books to create a variety of crafts these include unique lampshades and intricate jewellery. 
Stephanie Wheeler cuts circles of music sheets and carefully layers them onto a lampshade in order to create beautifully textured lights at her home in Falmouth, Cornwall. 14.10.15
Stephanie’s work is inspired through different aspects of her life. “I have always loved words, we all use them but some people can use them in a way that catches your heart. Using words of positivity can bring positive energy into our life, to empower and uplift.” Stephanie is also able to personalize each piece to order, so that her work “holds symbolic meaning and emotional significance, adding to the unique heart and soul of each piece.”

A pile of music sheets with circles drawn onto them ready for Stephanie Wheeler to cut and delicately stick onto the lampshade in the background of the image. Falmouth, Cornwall. 14.10.15
Below are some of the links to Stephanie’s website, etsy shop and Facebook. 
Stephanie Wheeler works on a Lampshade whilst she leaves the others to dry out in the sun. Falmouth, Cornwall. 14.10.15
Photos:  ©Ellie Smart
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