ONDA Physiotherapy and Yoga

ONDA - Physiotherapy and Yoga

Kyla is a generous and considerate individual that dedicates her time as a registered physiotherapist, as well as being a yoga teacher, sports massage therapist and medical acupuncturist. 
Kyla offers one on one Yoga classes as well as group yoga-physio classes that shows a welcoming and supportive community that incorporates a mixture of abilities, so it doesn't matter if you are just starting out or if you already have a lot of experience, there will be something for everyone. 
“I have found Kyla to be an incredibly caring & competent physiotherapist. Her bright and sunny attitude towards her work really reassures you, regardless of the scale of your problems.”
Being so talented in a variety of different things, Kyla has a great understanding of the human body and creates a fantastic bond with her clients. By knowing exactly what they need, Kyla generously gives her time to helping people and sticking with them through every step of the way until they achieve their goals.
Top: Kyla sits in her therapy room where many of her treatments and consultations are done. Here she explains how the spine works and what can cause back pain. Penryn, Cornwall. 14.01.16
Bottom: Kyla demonstrates a Side Crane pose in one of her mixed ability yoga classes at the Zen Shed, in penryn, Cornwall. 14.01.16
Kyla explains that weights are a big part of physiotherapy and how they can effect the spine in her therapy room in Penryn, Cornwall. 14.01.16
Kyla is happy to help anyone no matter what their ability, showing that yoga and physiotherapy can help to optimize ones body and help evoke a pain-free life.

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Photos:  ©Ellie Smart
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